La piedra canta el niño duerme

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  • La piedra canta el nino duerme

La piedra canta el nino duerme Centre Culturel Chacao 2006 milton Becerra

Milton Becerra’ work is situated within the friction that arises from a reinterpretation of <> as a poetic perception of the territory and its cultural connotations of the ancestral, and an abstract geometry that emerges from the modern movement.
From the onset of his career, his interest was focused on the profound redefinition of the territory. In that process, soil and stones would become the physical materials on which the artist intervenes by inserting lines or color fields that are superimposed on the natural or urban space.
Milton Becerra’s contribution is situated along with the most eloquent propositions, insofar as recuperating an anthropologic and historic landscape inscribed in the territory is concerned, a practice that evolves towards the idea of the ritual and formal vocabulary through signs. However, beyond its archeological manifestations, his work also has the energy of being a living testimony to the present.

Santiago B Olmo
Art Critic, Director of the CGAC. Galician Center for Contemporary Art, Spain.

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