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Wale’Keru Lineas de luz

Milton Becerra, time traveler and explorer of vast territories, interweaves in his art forms derived from spatial-temporal sources which, being as diverse as they are distant, converge in a same revelation: they reflect the prodigious fabric of the universe. Thus, he bridges the gap between America’s past and the discoveries of quantic physic theories, and…
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Cara y Sello

Algunas de las piezas que formaron parte de la muestra MILTON BECERRA | CARA Y SELLO, inaugurada el viernes 26 de septiembre de 2014. Para mayor información sobre dicha exposición. visitar la pagina web de la galeria  web  Beatriz Gil gallery   El artista está en el país para reflexionar sobre la identidad del venezolano…
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La piedra canta el niño duerme

La piedra canta el nino duerme Centre Culturel Chacao 2006 milton Becerra Milton Becerra’ work is situated within the friction that arises from a reinterpretation of <> as a poetic perception of the territory and its cultural connotations of the ancestral, and an abstract geometry that emerges from the modern movement. From the onset of…
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