Milton Becerra Foundation :
Authentications viewings are held by the Foundation's Bureau which meets monthly in Paris. The artworks must be viewed as no certificate of authentication will be given with photographic documentation only.
The Foundation strongly recommends to potential buyers the requirement of a certificate from the seller for all works that are not yet reproduced in the Catalogue of artworks.
Named by Milton Becerra as the holder of his moral rights, the Milton Becerra Foundation can institute appropriate proceedings.
The cost of a certificate of authenticity, only when delivery
• 150 € for paintings and sculpture
• 100 € for gouaches
• 80 € for drawings
NB : Requested photographs become the property of the archives of the Milton Becerra Foundation and are used, where appropriate, to identify the said subjects "found" after authentication. Found these topics will be included in the Catalogue of works in the reissue booklets concerned.
NB : The Foundation does not give evaluations on the artist's work.
Contact :
mail : foundation@milton-becerra.org
tel + (1) 786 398 99 90 USA – Florida


The Photo Library


The Photo Library of the Milton Becerra Foundation covers all of the artist's work, more than 7,000 topics : paintings, sculptures, drawings, and engraving works. It also has a large collection of photographic portraits of the artist or other documents related to its work.

It is accessable to professional people working in the media and in publishing on request.

As an example, the rental fees are 23 € for a black and white document (digital) and 53 € for a color document (ektachrome or digital). A lease is established in the provision of documents.

Warning :

Reproductions of works of Milton Becerra are subject to an agreement issued by the A.D.A.G.P. - or its foreign correspondents in each country - which collects copyright of the artist, independent tenancy rights photographic paper rights.


11 rue Berryer

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NB : On the other hand, reproductions of photographic portraits of Milton Becerra may be subject to copyright photographers.


mail : contact@milton-becerra.org

Tel + 33 (0) 1 45 86 00 61 Paris - France

Tel + (1) 786 398 99 90 Miami – USA